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Choosing Camera Lenses for Different Photography Techniques

If you’re a professional photographer or really interested in this field of work, you’d need to think carefully about which types of photos you’re generally more likely to take. When choosing camera lenses, you need to be aware of which photography techniques are possible with a specific lens before making a purchase. Let’s have a… Read More

Camera Tips – Cleaning Your Lenses

Photography is definitely a question of education, experience and talent, but the photographic equipment is also equally important, as photographers need the best tools to express their vision. Many people know that you have to take care and maintain the photo equipment, but not so many know why you have to do it and how… Read More

Photography – How to Use a Telephoto Lens

A lens can be of fixed focal length which is called a prime lens, or it can be a variable focal length such as a telephoto lens. A variable focal length lens has a range in mm printed on it. For example, if you bought a lens with 55-200mm on it, this indicates that this… Read More

Travel Photography – What Camera Gear Should I Take?

Probably the most popular type of photography today is travel photography and millions of people take photos during their holidays around the world, in the most beautiful travel destinations. But not every tourist with a camera can be truthfully called a photographer and not all images captured during our travels can truly be called photographs…. Read More